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The Denied Resource [ 2006.06.30 ]

Merkel’s victory sure has feminists across the planet celebrating one of the most significant events in history.

Japan, however, could barely hide her discomfort amidst the popping corks.

She has, after all, swept many potential females under the rug.

Well, maybe with the exception of Sailormoon.

She kicks a few aliens’ asses around in her shrunken school uniform, all right. But, that does not really help when her ultimate happiness is fulfilled by her marriage to her lover.

Thus, her heroism is practically useless in making up for the PM’s assertion of females being unfit to outperform men in both the societal and political spheres.

To make matters worse, Japanese women who fly high in the corporate world, live extravagantly on their fat paychecks, and relish the freedom of not having a husband and children are labelled as losers – loser dogs (makeinu).

Meanwhile, winners serve as the Welfare Ministry to her family. She is the housekeeper, the cook, the alarm clock for the husband and children, the children’s chauffer, the accountant, the elders’ nurse, and the domestic shopper.

On top of that, 52% of the winners also juggle a part-time job or two to lessen their households’ financial burden.

Ridiculous as it may be, losers pamper themselves with luxurious spa trips, exquisite cuisine, and chic haute couture shopping sprees; winners do not share half the comfort and freedom as their loser counterparts in stimulating the economy.

They are not to be blamed.

Not when magazines tell their teenage girls the 10 ways to act “to get a guy”, the tube shows young housewives happily waxing the floor, and enterprises forcing girls to quit upon marriage.

It does not really matter how many times world history proved women to be as competent as men are in fields where men were said to rule, or that men as sentimental and loving as women are.

Men who decide on the contents of the nation’s learning materials might have had that piece of important fact blotted out from their history textbooks.

Besides, no one cares much about the greatest women in history apart from the fact that most of them are married.

Well, even their symbol of independent women, Princess Masako, is married!

It is unfortunate that many are succumbing to the belief that women’s sole purpose on earth is to secure a man and breed.

The younger generation feels more sorry than aspired for their single colleagues who are in their 30s.

The contentment felt by Japanese career women does not blend into the formula of happiness; because the widely accepted theory writes: fabulous career + generous salary = lifelong loneliness.

This theory that Japan holds dear needs to be proven wrong. Fast.

The debate of importing brainpower from foreign countries to save Japan’s dwindling economy size shows no signs of sputtering with their contracting and aging population.

Everyone is desperately working on methods to win brainpower from abroad that they have basically forgotten their denied asset – the women.

Most are well-educated, smart, observant, sharp, articulate, and entrepreneurial. Yet, so little is done to bring them out into the big world.

Bad news for the economy that these women sacrifice their abilities over wedding rings, then become housekeepers, cooks, alarm clocks for their husbands and children, their children’s chauffer, the households’ accountant, the elders’ nurse, and the domestic shopper.

In the end, many waste their talents on part-time jobs in convenience stores or waiting in restaurants to retain their title as winners.

If the real value of their winners is only known at home, then the Japanese economy is bound to crumble.

It is time that Japanese, men and women, to start learning the law to happiness, which says: fabulous career + generous salary ≠ lifelong loneliness.

A woman can be married and hold a career at the same time.

Once this idea is drilled into their society, corporate, and government, we can expect developed Japan rocket into post-development.

by Alexandra Low

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